Noise-Tolerant Applicants Wanted for Winter Rental Surveying at Yardi Matrix

Noise-Tolerant Applicants Wanted for Winter Rental Surveying at Yardi Matrix

Seasonal Opportunity Alert: Yardi Matrix’s Tri-Annual Rental Survey

Yardi Matrix is seeking individuals to pose as prospective tenants and inquire about apartments, focusing on rent details, amenities, and more. This role is ideal for those comfortable with background noise during calls. The aim is to collect data for market research surveys.

Compensation includes at least the minimum wage in your area, with potential for higher earnings based on speed and efficiency.

Job Overview from Yardi Matrix:

Founded in March 2000 and later acquired by Yardi Systems, Inc., a Santa Barbara-based software company specializing in commercial real estate applications, Yardi Matrix (previously Pierce-Eislen, Inc.®) has evolved to become a leading provider of detailed apartment information services. Their system is tailored to support key players in the commercial apartment sector, focusing on properties with 50 or more units. Yardi Matrix offers detailed property and market-level insights, crucial for understanding current and prospective market conditions.

Subscribers of Yardi Matrix gain access to almost real-time data, both at individual property levels and broader market overviews, facilitating in-depth market analysis.

Further details about the company can be found in the “About Us” section on their website at

Surveyor Role Overview

The purpose of our surveys is to gather comprehensive information on the multifaceted aspects of apartment community operations. This necessitates regular, thorough surveys. Our Rent Survey specifically updates information on apartment community rents, current rent promotions, and other frequently changing variables. This involves contacting apartment communities to ask a series of questions.

Equipment Requirements – Access to high-speed internet and long-distance telephone service is essential. The role involves contacting apartment communities to ask straightforward questions about their properties. This task requires excellent phone manners and a friendly approach, though it does not involve any sales activities.

Roleplay as a Prospective Renter – To ensure the accuracy of the collected information, surveys must be conducted while posing as a potential renter. This involves adopting the role convincingly.

Survey Schedule – Team members are expected to complete at least 75 surveys in the first week and a minimum of 100 surveys each subsequent week. Calls should be made between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM according to the time zone of the surveyed area. Note that a ‘completed’ survey is one marked as ‘Done’, indicating no further calls are necessary. Surveys labeled ‘Part Done’, ‘Answering Machine’, ‘No Answer’, or ‘Wrong Number’ do not count towards this quota.

Pay Structure – Surveyors will earn $6 per hour plus a variable rate per completed task: $0.50 for ‘Done’ surveys, $0.30 for ‘Wrong Number’, $0.20 for ‘Part-Done’, and $0.07 for those marked ‘Answering Machine’ or ‘No Answer’. Compensation will always be at least the minimum wage for your area, with the potential to earn more based on efficiency and speed.


Employment Status – If invited to the Winter 2024 survey, you would be an employee of Partners Personnel on a temporary assignment with YARDI MATRIX.

Required Accuracy – While surveys are simple to conduct, a commitment to accuracy and thoroughness is required.


See the full job description here. To apply for the Winter 2024 Survey please email Sean Tilton with a copy of your current resume –  For more jobs like these, check our Newest Jobs & Gigs page. To be the first to hear about jobs like these, join our free Telegram channel. Good luck in your work from home plans!

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